About us

BW Printworks started in 2009 when we recognized a need for firefighter shift calendars at a reasonable price.  As we developed the design process, we found that we could offer Free Customization and still offer our customers a price that was 20% - 30% below our competition.

We specialize in high quality customized shift calendars for firefighter and fire department professionals. We offer a wide array of affordable products that are fully customizable to suit your needs and are at your doorstep quickly. As firefighters ourselves, we understand the unique features that you need in a calendar and it is our mission to provide a product that suits those needs for a reasonable price.

Here at BW Printworks, we offer a full line of shift calendars and day planners specifically designed with firefighters in mind. You can, for free, select your current shift schedule; put your organizations name at the top of your shift calendar; identify your paydays, union meetings or other important dates; and color code the shift calendar to your specific shift colors.

Custom Shift Calendar and Day Planner Products

Low Pricing

We have the best pricing around!  Our prices are typically 10% - 20% below the competition.

Huge Selection

The biggest selection of calendars and day planners in the industry.  We are sure to have something that meets your needs.

Free Customization

Why would you want a stock calendar?  Have all of your products customized to your department for free!

Our company continues to progress and expand. We are driven by customer satisfaction and feedback. Based on this factor, we have expanded our shift calendar product line into a variety of custom day planners. If you have any feedback or suggestions for our products, please send us a message here.